MES is a corporate educational agency managing a large number of premier institutions in India and abroad. Since its inception in 1964, MES has succeeded in establishing more than 200 institution of repute including Medical. Engineering, Management, Arts and Science colleges, Schools under CBSE, ICSE and State syllabus, Training institutes and other institutions for learning .training and social services.

Impactful Placement & Alumni Tales

mes student

MES AIMAT has been a wonderful experience. Grateful for the supportive faculty and the opportunities that helped me grow and become more independent.All the events that I took part in helped me grow my confidence level

Abdul Rauf , Feathersoft Technologys
mes aimat students

I am very glad to share the journey of pursuing MBA-AIMAT marampally, that gave me countless opportunities to develop analytical skills,leadership and practice thinking through various programmes and events.Big thanks to all my faculties and placement team for the amazing journey at MES AIMAT

Vineetha Paul , EY
mes students

Studying at MES AIMAT was a fantastic experience, filled with valuable learning and growth. Grateful to the faculties and MCA department for quality education, support, and skill development.

Farsana M S, Naico ITS

Congratulations again! Wishing you a successful career!

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Reliving Memorable Moments

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